New Blaze phone includes analog television reception

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Cell phone enthusiasts have become accustom to new releases coming along on a monthly basis or even more frequently.  One of the latest of these releases is the Blaze, a new GSM mobile phone from Unnecto.

Daniel Moy, speaking as Unnecto’s project manager, summarized the key features and advantages of the Blaze, touting it as a handset targeted toward the price-conscious: “Our GSM mobile phones are typically available for under $100 unlocked, and many offer the same high-grade features as a carrier smart phone.  Our new Blaze phone is an unlocked GSM mobile phone which features our native PUSH Mail and Messaging apps, as well as an MP3/MP4 player…. the Blaze is dual SIM equipped, adding an extra layer of flexibility to the unlocked GSM cell phones.”


Those features are more or less standard fare even for mid-range smart phones, but in one respect, the Blaze truly stands apart.  The phone is able to receive and interpret analog TV signals, which means that customers can watch live broadcast television directly on their handsets.  Since such television programming would not be streamed from the internet, even customers with no data allowance could enjoy it.  It would also be free of charge, just as turning on a traditional analog TV requires no usage fee apart from the purchase of the hardware itself.

The Blaze is currently positioned mainly for consumers in South America, though it can be used internationally.  Hopefully, cell phones in the future will begin to include analog television tuners as a standard features.