NBA Green Week promotes cell phone recycling

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Last updated April 12, 2019

‘Green Week’ is an event being co-sponsored by the National Basketball Association and cell phone operator Sprint. Ongoing now, Green Week will last through April 11 and will involve efforts on the part of the Natural Resources Defense Council to promote consumer awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

In keeping with that goal, Green Week was launched by Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, and David Stern, commissioner of the NBA, at an event that centered on cell phone recycling. By recycling their old and unwanted cell phones, consumers can help the environment in several ways. Cell phones discarded in landfills end up decomposing and releasing toxins into the land; over time these toxins can leach into underground water supplies. Moreover, cell phones that are recycled allow precious materials to be reclaimed so that new supplies will not have to be mined out of the earth to replace them. In both these ways, recycling cell phones is a definite good, and one that can even make the consumer a little bit of money since many cell phone recycling companies pay cash for used phones.

“We’re excited to highlight the importance of environmental responsibility through our presenting partnership of NBA Green Week,” announced Ralph Reid, who serves Sprint as vice president of corporate social responsibility. “Our collaboration provides a great opportunity to reach out to fans and customers about the environmental and financial benefits of recycling wireless devices.”