Mugger Gives Back Cell Phone

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A mugger who apparently had second thoughts about an attack on a 63-year-old man came back moments later to return the victim’s old cell phone and bus pass in Chicago in the United States. Five or six suspects attacked Sidney Tyson at a South Shore bus stop, robbing him, only for one of the group to return a few minutes later and hand back his $5 bus pass and smartphone.

The same group later allegedly robbed a 45-year-old man about a block away from the attack on Tyson, with police arresting three of the suspects. Tyson, formerly an investigator for the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, was able to give one of his attackers a good smack with the cane he has been forced to use since suffering a series of strokes, only to receive a kick in the face from one of the muggers for his defiance. “It was self defense, I thought they were trying to kill me, so I had no other recourse,” he notes. Tyson admits to being baffled when one of the attackers turned back, saying he “had something” for him. Tyson feared the mugger was planning to attack him again, or worse, only to be given a “wild story” and handed back his cell phone and bus pass before the mugger ran off again. “I thought they were coming back to jump on me again,” notes Tyson. “I thought maybe they came back with some weapons and they were going to shoot me this time”.