More Scientists Affirm Used Cell Phone Cancer Link

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Less than a month after the World Health Organization declared that there is a possible link between the use of new and old cell phones with the development of brain cancer, another prestigious panel of scientific experts have also confirmed their evaluation.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has gone on record as saying that radiofrequency electromagnetic field (sometimes referred to simply as RF-EMF) could indeed be “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.
In the summary, which was published on the web in “The Lancet Oncology”, the International Agency for Research on Cancer made a point of singling out the risk potentially posed by used cell phones in the same way as the World Health Organization did so in May.
“Holding a mobile phone to the ear to make a voice call can result in high specific RF energy absorption rate (SAR) values in the brain, depending on the design and position of the phone and its antenna in relation to the head, how the phone is held, the anatomy of the head and the quality of the link between the base station and the phone,” according to the report.  He also indicated that children were more at risk, with up to twice as much RF energy absorbed by the brain and ten times as much absorbed by bone marrow.  Adults have more protection due to greater bone density involved