K-State to Stage Cell Phone Recycling Event

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Kansas State University in the United States will be holding an event for the recycling of old cell phones and other electrical goods.  The event, which will be staged at K-State later this month, came about after the college teamed up with PSC Environmental Inc, which is an environmental services company that services the whole of the United States.  PSC Environmental Inc has helped with similar events at other universities in the past, but this is the first time that K-State has become involved.  The event will take almost all forms of electrical equipment, from used cell phones to televisions, computers, printers and so on.

“PSC partners with universities to do this, and I basically volunteered K-State,” says the college’s environmental manager, Kelly Phillips.  “It’s for the whole community, which I thought would be a good thing.  A lot of people have computers or old TVs in garages or basements, and this would be a good opportunity to do some spring cleaning and get things recycled in a proper manner.” Anyone in the community is welcome to drop off their old cell phones or other electronic items at the event, which will be held on the 30 April, which is also the day of the spring football game, meaning people will be able to drop off their goods on the way to the match.  “It’s a drive through event, so no one has to get out of their vehicle,” Phillips adds.  “We will unload everything for them.”