How to Train With These 7 Android Apps

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In a world where technology is fully integrated into every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that there are apps to help you train better. Using these applications will be like having your own personal digital trainer and log in one, with the added bonus that you can directly share your progress with your friends.

Multi Reps

Push ups and sit ups are an excellent way to stay in shape without having to regularly hit the gym. However, often times it can be difficult to maintain a schedule or even the habit of doing them, not to mention executing the exercises correctly. If you’re struggling with your domestic workouts (and even if you’re not), Multi Reps will definitely help you out. You can program up to ten customizable exercises in the app, track your progress, and have a constant reminder that you have to work out.


An all-in-one application with hundreds of workouts and thousands of pictures and video clips, FitnessBuilder is always there when you need help with your training. The app has anything you need, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a newbie who’s just started training.

Lifting Log

Keeping a log of your workouts will help you keep your eye on the target and follow your progress. If you realize this, then you should also realize there is no easier way to keep to keep a log than Lifting Log. The application is easy to use and doesn’t require much data. It follows your progress in a per-exercise manner and is really simple and easy to use.

Fitness Buddy

Originally created for iOS, Fitness Buddy has finally reached the Android users. It’s a great application with hundreds of different exercises and applied videos in order to help you train well, perform your workout correctly and achieve the results you’re striving for.

VirtualGym Fitness

Having fitness planner can be a great way to be sure you will follow your fitness schedule and not skip workouts. VirtualGym Fitness is a great app, especially for beginners. It will help you plan your weight-lifting and cardio-vascular exercises more accordingly, as well learn more about the whole process, training, recovery and other things you might need assistance with in the beginning. VirtualGym Fitness features full 3-D demonstrations to over 400 exercises so you will never perform your workout incorrectly again.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a simple app that will help you stay fit without having to spend hours upon hours in the gym. All you have to do is perform a few simple exercises every day and follow the free workouts the application has to offer. You don’t have to use heavy fitness equipment in order to be fit. Workout trainer offers you all manner of different detailed help, including pictures, videos and step-by-step audio instructions.

Complete Gym Exercise Guide

Some people prefer a domestic workout, some would rather get personal with the fitness equipment at the gym. If you are the former, then Complete Gym Exercise Guide will help you with building up your muscles and targeting different muscle groups. It’s perfect for newcomers at the training facility because it offers hundreds of exercises and detailed information about the body parts and muscle groups. The tutorials are simple, easy to understand and even easier to follow. It’s a perfect way to get started if you’re a newbie.

Those are some of the Android apps that will help you become more fit and/or build up your muscles. Whether you train at home or at the gym, these apps contain anything you might need. Just remember to actually work out and not look at your phone through the whole training session.

Morgan Johnes is a businessman and a writer but he always find some time to exercise. He currently works with London Cleaners and that keeps him fit.