Gold, Pink and Platinum iPhone 5 Cases For Sale, from $11,610

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Last updated April 12, 2019

In the past six months alone we have posted about a number of lavish and expensive gold iPhone 5 cases, some that were on sale for $4,500 to the mid-ranged $35,000, right up to the hefty $300,000 ones. Well, guess what? We have another one (or should I say three) to talk about.

Gold iPhone 5 Case

The new set of gold iPhone cases start off at a mere $11,610, with the most expensive case setting you back at $14,325.

What Makes Them So Expensive?

It’s all what goes into the cases, remember these aren’t just gold plated models they contain 75 grams of gold. You can even chose the type of finish you want on the case (matte or polished), and even customize with your own diamonds or other jewels you have lying around the house.

So, you have seen the gold version at the top of the post so here is the pink gold case:Pink Gold Case

Not satisfied? How about the Platinum model, which contains more than 100 grams of Platinum, with a $14,325 price tag around its neck:

Platinum iPhone 5 Case

On the upside the shipping costs are $0 so there’s a saving for you…

One more point to make! There is only 1 case available in each color…so don’t sit back and wait!!