Drivers Not Hanging Up Cell Phones

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Millions of motorists are refusing to stop using their new and old cell phones while driving, according to a new study. The federal study claims that one in every 20 motorist observed at any particular time will be using a handheld cell phone, with almost one in 100 guaranteed to be either texting or otherwise using such a digital device. This means that at any given moment during daytime hours, there are 13.5 million drivers using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, the study, which was released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Thursday, claims.

The NHTSA claims that the use of cell phones while driving is continuing to stay at the same level, with the amount of drivers whom are text-messaging actually growing. This trend continues even despite the many new laws forbidding the use of handheld devices by motorists and the immense publicity that has been generated by tragedies caused by such behavior.

The NHTSA says that there is evidence that as many as 3,092 deaths on the road are caused by distracted drivers, though the actual number may be even higher given that on some occasions there are no witnesses and the driver involved may have lost their life. Eight states in the US – California, Washington, Connecticut, Oregon, Delaware, New York, New Jersey and Maryland – as well as the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia have now banned the use of handheld cell phones while driving.