Don’t Read and Drive, Listen and Drive

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Last updated April 12, 2019

If you read this blog regularly, you will see that I feel pretty strong about using a cell phone when you are driving; particularly when it comes to texting, which makes you take your eyes off the road in order to read and input a message.  While I believe everyone should ignore their cells while driving – turn them off, put them in the trunk, whatever it takes – I am aware that some people are still going to keep interacting with their cell phones while they drive.  Therefore, here is a solution I can recommend: voice relayed text and email messaging.
The new application, called reads your emails and text messages aloud to you automatically; you don’t have to do anything but listen.  The app can be used with iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry devices, and Android devices.
Cost for the paid version of the app varies: for one person, it is $13.95 annually or $3.99 per month.  A family of four can get a group rate of $34.95 annually or $9.99 per month.  For businesses, the cost is $79.90 annually or $7.99 per month.
This application takes a different approach.  It blocks incoming signals that alert you to new messages, then 1) sends voice calls directly to voice mail, and 2) sends an auto-response to text messages letting the sender know you are unavailable.  The cost for this application when released will be around $2.00 per month.
Other applications allow users to block cell phone activity during certain times; when driving for instance or when children are in school.  Costs vary.