Consumer loyalty is not what it used to be

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Last updated April 12, 2019

The newest figures released by cell phone companies are pointing to a new trend; one that a lot of us would say is long overdue.  In growing numbers, cell phone users are deciding not to renew the long-term contracts they have with their carriers.  In many cases, consumers did not want such long contracts in the first place: They just wanted a good deal on a phone, and the contract was more-or-less imposed on them as a take it or leave it proposition.

That used to be all right in one sense since consumers might actually intend to use the same phone for two or even three years at a stretch.  For years now, however, consumers have become increasingly aware that today’s newest phone will be seriously outdated long before a typical contract expires.  With cell phones developing new functions all the time and becoming more useful in our daily lives than ever before, people want the best new model now.  They do not want to have to wait for it for the months or years it may take contracts to expire.

Adopting a pay as you go model is one way to stay free to buy a new phone whenever you wish without having to deal with the terms of a contract.  This consumer demand is actually a great spur to continued innovation; as long as cell phone manufacturers continue to make money bringing out new features, consumers will have a great many exciting new phones from which to choose.  To save money, however, consumers should look for a cell phone trade in program.