Cell Phone Recycling Story CBS Anchor’s Favorite

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A story on the truth about where electronic items, including but not limited to old cell phones, go once they have reached the end of their useful life, has been named as the favorite story of CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley in the United States.  Pelley, who is the most recent anchor for the top rating “The CBS Evening News” show, was formerly an investigative journalist on popular current affairs program “60 Minutes”, where he earned a reputation for his hard-hitting stories, including one delving into the murky background of Lance Armstrong.  Interviewed on a new program on CBS News, “Correspondents Favorites”, Pelley has nominated a story he was involved in three years ago back in 2008 as the news story he was most proud of.  The story on e-waste, including used cell phones, which was called “The Wasteland”, took him and his news team all the way to China in their pursuit of the truth about where such waste ends up.

“”The Wasteland” is the kind of reporting I hope we can bring over to “The CBS Evening News”,” says Pelley, “because that’s the kind of thing that the audience is looking for – original reporting, unique insight, and reporters who just never give up.”

The story won Pulley and his team, including Solly Granastein and Nicole Young, several awards including a Gerald Loeb award, an Edward R Murrow award, and an Emmy award, among others