Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Dr Devra Davis is a visiting fellow at Harvard University and a leading scientist on the dangers of cell phones.  The scientist believes that cell phone radiation is in fact far more dangerous than most people believe, although in many cases the danger is increased by the fact that that ignorance prevents people from taking the precautions that could reduce the risk considerably. 

One thing Davis is very clear on is that children should not have a cell phone under any circumstances.  “The bottom line is that most people do not appreciate a cell phone is a two way microwave radio, that the signals get twice as far in to the head of a child than an adult and studies very consistently show long term heavy use increases the risk of brain cancer.”  Not that brain cancer is the only danger associated with cell phone radiation, either, as Davis points to the work of Australian male health researcher Sir John Aitken, whose work found that cell phone radiation is damaging to sperm, research that has never been refuted.  Davis notes that even cell phone guidelines that come with the phones advise people to keep them an inch away from their body at all times, yet most people still put them in their pockets and hold them against their ears.  “Texting is better than talking,” Davis advises.  “Young women should not keep their phones in their bras… Use a headset (or) speaker phone and do not keep the phone directly on your body.”