Cell phone manners

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Of all the things that have increased with the advent of new and old cell phones, one of the worst is bad manners.  Cell phones mean that people can be rude to others at anytime and anywhere, and there are a number of big ways in which cell phone misuse can really annoy other people.

Talking or texting on a cell phone while standing in a checkout line is one major display of cell phone rudeness.  It has to be the very epitome of arrogance to stand talking or texting while paying at a drive-thru or checking out at a grocery store, not only making the cashier wait but also holding up the line for everyone else too.  It is the height of self-absorption.  The call or text message can wait two minutes until you have been served.

Walking while emailing or texting on a cell phone is another major annoyance and that seems particularly prevalent amongst teenagers.  If you cannot walk to a store or to your car without getting your cell phone out, you need to get out of the digital realm and look at the world around you sometime.

Watching videos and playing games on your cell phone with the speakers on is undoubtedly rude, forcing everyone around you to listen to the noise emanating from your cell phone whether they like it or not.