Cell Phone Driving Mayor Does It Again?

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It has been reported the Mayor of Toronto in Canada has been caught again breaking the law by using his cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. It is barely two months since Mayor Rob Ford admitted to using a cell phone while driving but promised he would never do it again, yet now semi-retired small business owner Sarah Barrett claims to have seen the Mayor getting up to his old tricks again on Monday.

“There was no question that it was Rob Ford,” Barrett claims. “How could you not recognize him? And he had his phone on his ear.” The incident took place between 2.30 and 3pm on Monday, close to Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue. Barrett alleges that she saw him in his Chevrolet minivan, complete with “Rob Ford” license plate. Driving westbound, with her in the left lane and him in the right, Barrett claims he first went behind her and then pulled ahead, talking on a cell phone, and later punching buttons in a manner indicating that he was either dialing or texting. “He was doing something with his keypad where he was looking down,” she says.

It is illegal in Ontario to use handheld cell phones while operating a motor vehicle, with fines of up to $500 for those caught doing so. “Why does he think that he can do it, when all the rest of us aren’t supposed to do it?” Barrett wants to know. “He’s not above the law.”