Cell Phone Dependency a Growing Issue

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It may be time for some of us to take a break from our cell phones.  Research studies in many parts of the world have shown that dependency on cell phones is on the rise, and a new study from the United Kingdom has gone even further, demonstrating that smart phone users experience a range of problems when they do not receive regular messages.  These problems include anxiety and even symptoms of withdrawal, both of which can indicate an actual psychological obsession with staying connected.

Other symptoms demonstrated to happen to such users include false vibrations, with consumers believing that their phones are notifying them even when they are not.  In the absence of messages, consumers also check in with their phones a great deal more often.  If they have no new messages, it generally causes stress levels to increase still further.

According to Seema Hingorrany, a clinical psychologist, “I have come across so many such patients who can’t sleep without their cell phones next to them.  They are so anxious to keep checking their phones for messages or alerts that they end up sleeping very late or losing it.”

For some people, the solution may be taking a long time away from their cell phones.  A good time to take such a break is when they plan to buy a new phone.  Recycle used cell phones first, and then wait a while before buying any new ones.  You may well find that life is a little better for having such a break.