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What To Do With An Unwanted Cell Phone

How many cell phones have you got hanging about the house? Maybe you’ve got one you don’t use any more or are looking to buy a new one – here’s a guide to your recycling and re-using options for your smartphone.   Got an old Nokia languishing in the drawer? As mobile phone technology becomes […]

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How To Back-Up Your Cell Phone To A Cloud Service

If you lose your cell and it’s not backed up, you could lose lots of precious things, from treasured photos to vital work documents. Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of cloud-based storage systems which ensure your digital possessions are secure should you misplace your smartphone.   However, many of us still avoid […]

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How To Change Mail Settings on Your iPhone

One of the most basic and fundamental uses for Smartphone’s is to be able to check your email and send messages on the go. The iPhone makes the process of checking your email very simple through features like its unified inbox and easy implementation of push notifications. You can also quickly compose replies, sort your […]