Baseball Fan Catches Ball While on Cell Phone

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A nonchalant baseball fan caught the ball in the middle of a Rangers game while talking on a cell phone yesterday – and proceeded to continue his conversation in a thoroughly unruffled fashion.  The Texas Rangers fan had a cell phone in his right hand and a baseball glove in his left hand, and barely gave even so much as a flinch as the ball seemed to head straight for his gloved hand even as he chatted on his mobile device.
Talking on cell phones while at a baseball game is a decidedly frowned upon activity in the United States and indeed there were a few people that were decidedly annoyed by both his conversation and his nonchalance at catching the ball, though most seemed to be seriously impressed instead, with several nearby fans either nodding their approval or even coming over to pat him on the back for his undeniably cool and quick response to the event.
Over the past few seasons, there have been several injuries and even one death as fans scrambled desperately to try and catch such similar foul balls, which makes the unidentified fan’s studied nonchalance at performing such a feat – going back to his conversation after returning the caught ball as well – so singularly impressive.  The incident was caught on video and is sure to become a big favorite on YouTube.