Are we Still an iPhone Nation?

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Last updated April 11, 2019

Rumours of Underwhelming Sales for Verizon’s iPhone 4 Spread

The iPhone launched on Verizon last week but according to some reports, sales haven’t been all that impressive.  This is after the cell phone service provider reporting its highest level of pre-order sales ever.  But, according to the Wall Street Journal and Verizon’s CEO Daniel Mead, the rumours are untrue; the iPhone 4 has seen higher sales in its launch than any other product Verizon has ever sold.  So are we still an iPhone nation or not?

From our sister online shop that serves the UK market, we have learned that in Great Britain, the love affair with the iPhone seems to be waning.  Two reasons are given.  One is cost; the new iPhone 5, which is scheduled for revelation here this week, is expected to sell there for about £500.  That is about $805 dollars to us.  The other is apps: iPhone is a proprietary phone while Android is open platform.  That means, Android has a wider selection of apps, which can be tailored to a user’s specific cell phone lifestyle and, for many, bespoke type apps are too alluring to pass on.

So, are we getting ready to go the same route?  We cannot really know if there is any truth to the rumours until we see better-rounded sales figures.  So far, all we have is alleged figures from five of Apple’s stores – that’s five stores out of 230 and does not include sales from Verizon storefronts or online.