5 Mobile Apps for Cash Strapped Students

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Heading off to university can be quite a stressful time for any teenager, especially when it means moving away from home for the first time. Although you may expect endless deadlines and long lectures to be the reason behind stress, one of the main problems they have is actually managing their finances.


When it has always been left to the parents to sort out budgeting, spending and bills, it can be quite a shock for young people to suddenly find themselves in charge of their own money, as well as having to earn it in the first place too! It can often come as a surprise just how expensive day to day living costs can be.

Here are five apps which could be lifesaving to any student who needs help with their money managing and can help take the stress out of being independent for the first time.

Moneybook – iPhone

This is a relatively simple app but great if you need to keep track of your income and outgoings. All your spending can be input easily from your iPhone whilst on the go and allows you to track your money anywhere.

By making sure you add purchases to your lists the minute you leave the shop, you are far less likely to forget them. Moneybook also has PC software which accompanies the app and means you can then look at your finances in more depth when you have time to sit and get comfy at home. It is very easy to use and can save you time and money when it comes to managing your student finances.

Amazon Local – iPhone and Android – free

Launched in 2011 but only gaining momentum last year, Amazon Local uses its contacts to offer great deals around your area. Push notifications, e-mails and checking in on the app regularly allows you to keep on top of the deals available day to day and there are many offers available, especially if you live in a larger city, where many of the universities are generally based.

iWallet – Android – Free

Another money managing app, great for visually seeing how much you have actually spent. Although inputting information into the app is extremely simple, the graphs and charts that it then puts together are very impressive and rather sophisticated for a free app.

If you remember that every time you go on a shopping spree it will be expertly displayed for you on the screen afterwards, you may think twice about parting with your cash. This is as good a spending deterrent as it is as a money manager so you can clearly track your expenses. This can help you see where you are spending the most, and help encourage you to make cut backs if your budget is tight.

Barcode reader – iPhone – Free

This is an ingenious app that reads any barcode on a product and checks and compares the prices of that product in stores, on the net and the high street ensuring you get the best deal. You then automatically reserve and order products by being diverted by the app to the store you choose to buy the item from.

This is a great money saving app and can help on all manner of course equipment including books, stationary and multimedia tools. There is nothing to lose as it is free to download and if you want to carry on and buy the product you have scanned, go ahead.

Vouchercloud – iPhone and Android – Free

One of the original money saving apps. Although you are a cash strapped student, that is no reason not to wind down and enjoy yourself once in a while. Vouchercloud can help you do that, even with a shoestring budget and with deals including meals out, bowling and gym memberships, there is something that will take your fancy.

About the author: Kirsten works for money saving site vouchercloud. They help bring their customers money saving deals from Travelodge Vouchers to Buyagift deals. She loves anything to do with money saving and frugal living.