4 Apps For Calculating Building Costs

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Last updated February 16, 2023

Even the most adept handyman can find him or herself in a frustrating position when it comes to calculating costs for a building project. Whether it be a small shed or an industrial warehouse, the overall process is fairly similar – irritating, time-consuming and often a guessing game more than anything else.


Simplifying this portion of the building process can give builders more time to focus on quality construction and help them reduce waste. For those who need comprehensive building cost estimates but are not in the position to get a quote from an established contractor, the following apps may provide great benefit.

Material Estimator

For virtually every category of building material, Material Estimator ($8, via iTunes) has a solution and estimate. Appearing much like a calculator, the app will request basic information on materials such as concrete, paint, studs, tile and fencing to calculate costs – by the yard, inch or foot. Not only can it calculate the amount of material you will need, but it will also furnish a cost quote based on those specifications. With a complete user’s guide included, even the novice builder will be able to quickly determine the needed materials for their next building project and move forward with confidence.

Easy Construction Calculators

Built predominantly for those seeking to build walls, floors and ceilings, Easy Construction Calculators ($5, iTunes) gives its users the ability to calculate material and cost for installing brick, blockwork, concrete floors and foundation, stucco, plaster and drywall. Also included is a special excavation section that will give builders an idea of how much volume will need to be excavated in order to build basements or other underground facilities. Operating in both imperial and metric, Easy Construction Calculators can quickly be used by anyone to determine what materials will be needed and the costs associated with them.

Home Repair 3D

Sometimes repairs are needed rather than new construction, and Home Repair 3D is the perfect app to help you visualise these changes. By entering in the dimension of a room and the desired changes, you can quickly determine just how much it will cost to add new wallpaper, tear out and reinstall drywall or redo that popcorn ceiling. Best of all, this app shows you models of your proposed renovations in 3D to give you a better idea of the overall vibe that any changes will create. Home Repair 3D is available via iTunes for just $10, making it an excellent choice for contractors and interior designers alike.

ConcreteCalc Pro

While the other apps have functions that allow for the calculation of foundations and other concrete-related items, ConcreteCalc Pro ($20, iTunes) is a very versatile, detailed app that focuses solely on construction costs associated with concrete projects. You can easily calculate areas, volumes and truck loads, all the while also being able to include other materials such as rebar and brick. With comprehensive cost per unit estimates available, you will quickly be able to discern whether you have enough materials for the project in question or how much it will cost to procure them.

Thanks again go out to James Hart, the tech savvy property developer, who can help people find free building quotes from qualified builders. James has helped collect some of the apps featured in this post for us.