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10 Reasons You Should Trade-in Your Cell Phones

10 Reasons You Should Trade-in Your Cell Phones

Over 90% of American adults now own a cell phone, of which 58% are Smartphone’s; that is a huge statistic and one that is only going to keep growing. predict that with people upgrading their phones on an average every 18 months, it also means that a lot cellphones are becoming abandoned. Whether you toss your old cell to the back of a cupboard, or put it in a box that will soon be making its way into the attic, you should think twice before doing so.

With that said, we at have decided to dedicate this blog post to all those phones out there that have been turned off and discarded or for all those phones that have been replaced by younger models, with bigger screens. Following are our top 10 reasons you should trade-in your cell phones, for your benefit, and your old phones!

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50 Ways That You Can Use a Cell Phone

50 Ways to use a Cell Phone

I remember the days when cell phones were used to just text and phone people, those days weren’t that long ago either. Phones that could barely keep 10 text messages on them before you had to delete some of them to create room to receive more. These days you have Galaxy S5’s, iPhone 6’s and Google Nexus devices that you can literally do almost anything with.

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How to Make Money in 2015 With These 5 Amazing Ideas

We all know how hard it can be to struggle through the month of January. You have most likely used your December pay check on presents for family and friends, and perhaps some of you have even taken out loans to help ease the financial constraints that Christmas brings.

How to Make Money in 2015 With These 5 Amazing Ideas

Believe it or not though, it’s not all doom and gloom in January, and a month that has been branded the doom and gloom month for many years could turn into a month where you can make money without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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Top New Year’s 2015 Apps for Android

Android Apps for New Year

Are you looking for holiday apps to help you ring in 2015? Do you want to add an app or two to your smartphone to help you celebrate the end of 2014? There are a number of new Android apps available via Google Play that will help you celebrate the end of another year. Following are five holiday options you can consider:

New Year

Offered by InosoftMedia, the New Year app helps you celebrate 2015 ‘The Year of the Goat’ with a goat/sheep-inspired holiday wallpaper design for your smartphone. Featuring a funny-looking sheep wearing a Santa hat, your own virtual holiday greeter can be edited with a variety of speech bubbles. Make your sheep say a humorous holiday greeting or completely remove the text message coming from your furry creature’s mouth.

New Year 2015

Available from Landing State, the New Year 2015 app offers a variety of pretty screensaver images to help you say goodbye to 2014. Enjoy an image featuring two glasses of champagne or opt for an image of a funny snowman on a beach. With plenty of engaging images to choose from, you’ll never be bored looking at the same tired image as 2014 slowly winds down.

New Year Photo Frames 2015

Offered by Best Phone Apps, the New Year Photo Frames 2015 application features a variety of holiday picture frames for your Android’s display screen. Place a virtual photo frame featuring an image of your loved ones on your smartphone or tablet to remind you of your blessings as another year draws to a close. Background images on this application include everything from champagne flutes to holiday ornaments.

New Year SMS 2015

Available from Mobirizer, the New Year SMS 2015 app lets you send bulk Happy New Year messages to your friends and family. Send one greeting to everyone instead of having to type out separate texts to each one of your contacts. You can send your holiday greetings in English or in Hindi. You can even post your holiday greetings to WhatsApp or Facebook. This holiday messaging application works with or without Internet access.

New Year Clock

Offered by Favourite Widgets and Applications, the New Year Clock app is a terrific choice if you want to count down the hours and minutes until midnight on December 31st. You can choose from a variety of holiday wallpaper images and add your own customized countdown clock as an overlay on your wallpaper design. You’ll be able to count down to 2015 and enjoy a customized backdrop at the same time.

Ringing in the New Year can be a busy time. These engaging New Year’s apps help to remind you to slow down and enjoy the magical moments of another year coming to a close. Do you think you will be downloading any holiday apps this season?

12 iPhone Apps That Can Advance Your Job Search


One of the biggest New Years Resolutions that people make is to search for a new job, so at SellCell we thought we would give you a head-start in finding that dream job with some of the best iPhone apps to help get the ball rolling.

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Make Money by Selling Your Unwanted Phones For Cash


The festive period is always a joyous occasion where you share precious moments with family and friends, but it can also be a time that really does tighten up the amount of free cash that you have to spend. Most of us will battle through January in the hope to get pay checks at the end of the month, after the shopping sprees of Black Friday, Christmas and New Year have taken their tolls on bank accounts across the USA.

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