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What Is Your Pet’s Superhero Name? (Fun)

As our avid readers will know, from time to time we like to break from the norm of writing about apps, cell phones, tablets and the latest goings-on in the world of tech. We like to have a bit of fun every now and again, and this beauty below has had a few of us laughing in the office today.

So, what is your pets superhero name?

Mine is Doctor Fuzz Muffin


Top 5 Green Apps for Earth Day

earth day april 22

Earth Day is a time to reconsider our relationship with Mother Earth. Are we simply consumers, or are we also custodians of this whirling globe? Sometimes the responsibility seems daunting. The following mobile apps will make treating the earth right much more convenient. Here are the top five apps to help you really “go green” this year.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review & Video Hands-On

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has received high praise for its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. The new model features key updates and improvements, including a new processor, 16MP camera, 128GB SD support, fingerprint scanner and software updates.

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4 Ways You Are Throwing Your Money Away

throwing money away

It’s easy to throw away money by making excuses that make it sound reasonable. It’s even easier to not realize that you’re wasting money until it’s too late and you’re in financial trouble.

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Time Is Money: When Your Smartphone or Tablet is Your Office

Time is Money

There’s been plenty written on why having a front-of-house mobile site is customer friendly, how it increases sales, and what features are needed to convert shoppers to buyers.

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Fun and Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

easter treatholders kids

Spring is finally here and that means that Easter is just around the corner. This holiday is the perfect chance to let your children get crafty with some festive projects.

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