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Top 5 Most Traded In Cell Phones For August 2014


If you caught our last post towards the tail-end of July you will have seen that Apple iPhones appeared dominated our top 5 most traded in phones. With the new iPhones set to be announced in a week’s time the tables have really turned in our top 5. Take a look…

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The iPhone 6: NFC Technology and What It Means for You

iPhone 6 PCB

As the rumor mill heats up in anticipation of the iPhone 6 launch, a leak from a reliable French website has shown the new mobile phone’s purported circuit board. Notably, on the board is an NFC (or near-field communication) chip. Near-field communication can change the way we exchange goods and services, and it couldn’t be more exciting to see this piece of technology on the new iPhone 6.

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What Do You Think Happened To This?!

Back View

Over the past few years we have seen plenty of smashed up cell phones, from the bent and crumpled cases, to cracked screens and leaky batteries. None of these were to prepare us for what we received in the offices yesterday. Take a look at this work of art…

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5 Fresh Health & Fitness Apps for Android – Paid

health and fitness

Are you looking for inspiration to live a healthier life? Are you bored with your physical fitness routine and need to shake yourself out of your current lackadaisical state? It might be time to consider adding a few new healthy living apps to your digital device. Check out five fresh fitness apps (paid) for Android users.

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The 5 Handiest Tech Gadgets Under $100

The 5 Handiest Tech Gadgets Under $100

Convenience doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. These five tech gadgets are useful in a pinch and cost less than $100.

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Five Unusual Money Saving Practices You Aren’t Using

Five Unusual Money Saving Practices You Aren't Using

You’ve heard all of the standard advice from financial advisers and frugal gurus. Use cold water to wash your laundry, eat out less often, shop at thrift stores for your clothes – the list goes on. What happens if you have already adopted all of the standard money saving practices and find that you need to cut your budget back even further?

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