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15 Hidden Features of the iPhone You May Not Know About

iphone tips and tricks

Your iPhone is a powerful device. It comes with many advanced features and customization options. You already know some of them, while some others are hidden. These hidden features make the iPhone even more powerful. Even though many people believe Android is more customizable and complex than iOS due to Android’s open-source nature, iOS can also be a technophobe’s nightmare. In this article, you will find some hidden features of your iPhone that can make you an advanced smartphone user.

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Breaking News: iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Rumored for 2015


The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched less than 4 months ago and already we have seen talks about an iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, of which the iPhone 6S will touch down earlier than you think.

According to a report from Stabley Times, Apple could be bumping their new iPhone launches from annually to semi-annually which is going to cause a lot of discussion over the coming months. Reports indicate that in spring 2015, Apple might launch the iPhone 6S at the same time they formally release the Apple Watch.

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6 Ways to Instantly Take Better Selfies


Selfies can be a fun and carefree way to express yourself, but many people struggle with photos that are harsh, blurry, or unflattering. While there’s no need to turn a simple picture into a professional photo shoot, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to dramatically improve the quality of your selfies. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Fictional Characters That Should Be At Your Christmas Party


We usually post about tech, apps, reviews and anything tech related as you know, so for once we are going slightly off on a tangent from our related posts.  I thought it would be quite fun to put together a festive post as we head deeper into the Christmas period.

Which fictional character would you invite to your Christmas Dinner party, if you had the chance?

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5 Top Tech Trends to Watch for in 2015


Are you intrigued by the rapid technological advances being made in fields like biometrics and nanotechnology? Do you marvel at inventions like self-driving cars and tissue regeneration and wonder what the near-future holds for everyday technology users?

If you’re enthralled by the innovation happening within the technology sector, following are five tech trends you’re likely to hear plenty about in 2015: Read the rest of this entry »

Going on Vacation For Xmas: 5 Mega-Useful Flight Apps for Travelers

Christmas Travel Apps

Taking a break over the festive period is something that millions of people do across the world. Whether you are visiting relatives in the US or flying further afield to Europe, it’s a happy time of the year that could turn stressful if you aren’t prepared. Therefore, following are five iOS apps that no traveler should be without this Christmas.

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