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Here’s What to Expect From The Apple Watch Unveiling

Apple Watch Crown

Earlier today we posted an article on the best places you can tune in to the Apple conference that is set to take place early this morning. With just under 2 and a half hours to go until the conference kicks off we wanted to take a look at just what we can expect from the Apple Watch.

Of course, we already know a lot about this wearable tech device from the September 2014 event, in which Apple rounded off their iPhone unveiling with information about a 2015 Smartwatch launch. Here’s a recap of what we should see tonight in the great unveiling…

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Where to Tune in to The Apple Event This Morning

September, 9, 2014; a date when Apple launched two brand new iPhones, the 6 and the 6 Plus. This date was also the first time that Apple spoke publicly about a new range of wearable tech. For months the rumor mill had been churning ideas about an Apple iWatch, but on that day in September we learnt that the new tech would be called the Apple Watch as we sat and watched half an hour of what we could expect to see.

apple watch event

Perhaps the biggest disappointment on the day was the fact that we all had to wait until 2015 for an official unveiling and launch. Those last 6 months seem to have flown by, as we have now approached the date we finally learn more about this super-cool device.

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What to do With Old Cell Phones: 10 Ways on How to Give Them a Second Life

90% of American adults now own a cell phone and a staggering 125 million of these phones get discarded each year across the US. These phones go on to create 65,000 tons of trash, and that’s just from cell phones alone, without taking into account computers, laptops and other e-waste. This leaves just 10% of discarded phones being recycled each year. (Source: Pew Research Center).

what to do with old cell phones

That poor old cell phone has served you well over the years, so it’s only right that you give it a second chance at life, and that’s what we wanted to look at in today’s post.

So without further-ado, here are our ten best ways that you can give your unwanted cell phone a second crack at life!

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Samsung Galaxy S6: Two New Flagship Phones Unveiled

For all you Android lovers out there, you may be well awake that Samsung have just took the Smartphone industry by storm in releasing two brand new cell phones with plenty of kick. It’s the first time Samsung have launched two phones together (a similar set-up to the recent Apple event launches where they have started to launch two phones alongside each other).

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are the flagship handsets that we are talking about, with the first phone being a straight-up upgrade from last years Galaxy S5, and the S6 Edge bringing curved screens to the forefront of Smartphone design for Samsung.

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The Top 10 Most Traded in Phones of 2014

2014 has come and gone but we thought it would be interesting to compile some stats showing you the top 10 most traded in phones. With 90% of people in the US now owning a cellphone, this means that a massive 252 million people across the country now use a cellphone on a regular basis (source:

Top 10 Traded in Phones

This is just taking into account that everyone owns just the one cell phone. Believe it or not, the average American cell phone user owns three or more expired cell phones. (source: The problem is these phones are often left unused, unwanted and chucked to the back of cupboards never to see the light of day again.

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How Many Phones Have You Traded In So Far?

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