Zombie Games and Apps For iOS

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Zombie love is sweeping the nation and not even your iPhone is safe from the undead hordes. Zombie lovers will enjoy the wide range of fun apps based on the living dead. With hundreds available, it can be tough to figure out which ones are worth downloading. Below, you will find some of the best zombie apps on the market for iPhones.


Most zombie related applications are games. This is one of the most popular genres out there on any platform. The games give you the fun mix of fear and violence all in one place.

Zombie Highway – $0.99

Anyone who enjoys driving games will like this one. It takes driving to a whole new level as you race down the highway, trying to dodge zombies. The undead try to tip the vehicle over, so it’s in your best interests to keep moving. The debris and broken down car on the road make that tough, but they also serve to let you scrape zombies off the side of the car. You have a passenger with guns to help out and earn you more points.

Zombie Farm – Free

For a less action packed game, try Zombie Farm. Here you will be growing various types of zombies and experimenting with mutations. It’s a slower paced app that works well for anyone who cannot be too invested in the action at the moment. This will let you take a break, check your zombies for harvest and then continue with your daily tasks.

Call of Mini: Zombies – $0.99

When a virus infects the residents of a small town, it’s up to you to keep the zombies at bay. You’ll gather 16 different kinds of weapons to fight against the baddies and to defeat the bosses. One of the more awesome features of the game is the dinosaur addition. One of the bosses is a nasty velociraptor.

Zombie Smash – $0.99

Hailed as one of the best games for 2D graphics, Zombie Smash is just what the title says. You pick up the undead and bash them into the ground. This results in some suitably bloody animations, so this probably isn’t the best app for kids. If you get tired of smashing the living dead, you can shoot them or toss some grenades. Power ups are available throughout the game to make your weapons bigger and better.

Other Apps

Some undead apps just don’t fit the molds created by others, yet are still worth checking out.

ZombieBooth Pro – $0.99

This fun app lets you take a photo of anyone and zombify it. Take a photo and run it through the application to get a 3D image of the zombie you. It will also create short videos, perfect for sharing with friends on social media.

The Walking Dead – Free

If you have always wanted to read The Walking Dead comic books, you will want this app. The comics are transformed into a dynamic reading experience, with one panel showing up at a time. The movement that has been added makes reading the original story even more exciting. While this is not an action packed game, it’s the perfect way to learn the real story behind the popular television series on AMC.

Zombie Clock – Free

Need a new alarm? A bunch of hungry zombies growling in your ear is sure to wake you up. This alarm does just that. Choose from multiple zombies and groan types to get the perfect combination to wake up to.

There are literally thousands of zombie apps available for the iPhone. Not all of them are worth downloading, but the ones shown here are sure to be a hit with any zombie lover.