Workplace Gadgets For The Fitness Nerd

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There is nothing energizing about sitting behind a desk all day, staring at a computer screen. You may have jogged around the park before breakfast, and have a trip to the gym planned into your journey home, but what about those eight hours a day where you are effectively sedentary?

Surely there must be something you can do to keep up the fat burning and muscle toning that you so enjoy?

The Gym Gym Chair

Obviously so good they named it twice! It may look like something straight from the back of the torture chamber but it has been designed to provide you with a full office based workout. If you don’t have your own office you may find that you are moved into one as soon as you start displaying your prowess with the multi functional chair. The design is ergonomic, so you can be sure you will be sitting properly whilst you are working. This unique office chair has been equipped with resistance bands and comes with a complete range of exercise instructions that will work every part of your body from your arms and shoulder to your central core and your legs. So, goodbye sedentary office life, and hello office fitness.

The Balance Ball Chair

For something a little easier on the body than the Gym Gym chair, why not try the Balance Ball Chair. Rather than looking like a torture implement, this one actually looks like fun and is quite comfortable too. You are still going to be sitting down, but you will be gaining all of the health benefits that sitting on a large inflatable ball can bring, such as increased core strength, posture and stability. There is no danger of the giant ball getting away from you either as it is firmly restrained by the supporting chair frame, though it could be fun to remove the frame!

Springflex UB

Now here is a piece of adaptive office equipment for the serious muscle builder. Rather than a piece of purpose made office furniture, like the chairs, this one requires a bit of assembly. Two resistance arms need to be attached to your desk, either side of where your chair fits. The makers claim that there are around 120 different exercises that you can do at your desk using the arms, though you should be careful not to lose your grip and have them springing off into your co-workers.

The Gamercize PC – Sport Stepper

This little exercise device fits neatly under your desk.  When hooked up to your laptop it will let you know how well you are doing or how you need to step up your game. Go too slowly and your keyboard and mouse slow down so you need to keep up the pace to be able to get your work done; sounds like there is quite a bit of co-ordination required with this one. Still it’s one way to get out of breath just sitting at your desk, which could pose some problems if you spend a lot of time on the phone heavy breathing.

Martin Bolt, the author of this post, works for an established company manufacturing folding electric treadmills. During his time off from work, he likes to unwind and read about the latest updates in technology.