Women Are More Likely To Be Victims Of Phone Theft

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Women, never ones for getting an easy time. If it isn’t menstrual cramps or childbirth it is some idiot trying to steal your mobile phone.

For every 10 victims of mobile phone theft, nine of them are women. But why?

A woman’s handbag is all too tempting for a thief. Usually, as women sit on buses, trains, in restaurants and in bars, their bags are sat there ready. Hanging off the back of the chair, on the chair next to them, bursting open with their mobile phone clearly visible.

Think about your day. When you head to work, to pick up your kids, to meet a friend for a drink, are you always aware of where you phone is? Now, consider your handbag. Is it large? With no real ability to properly close it? You have just made it all too easy for someone with a sneaky eye and a slight of hand to steal your phone.

The Office for National Statistics has revealed that in the last year over 820,000 people have had their mobile phones stolen. Teenagers and young adults are also highly likely to have their mobile phones stolen. 18-24 was the highest risk age group, with women more likely than men.

The statistics also showed that seven out of 10 incidents were personal thefts with phones being taken without force. This would be deemed as pick pocketing. The majority of the incidents occurred on public transport or in a public place, which shows that thieves are not frightened of stealing phones in broad daylight.

Time to be vigilant

With all of this information it is time to be as vigilant as you can be. But how? Start by taking out mobile insurance. This is the best way to secure your phone. Granted, it won’t stop thieves from taking it but it will stop you being without a phone, and causing you a great deal of stress and expense.

The next step is to ensure that your phone is kept in a safe place. Don’t leave it in a bag where it can be seen or on the seat next to you. Keep it in a pocket. If you have to leave your phone in your bag then you should make sure that your bag is zipped up.

With phones being used to store all kinds of data on you will want to make sure that your phone is backed up. If you have an iPhone you back your phone up to iCloud. If you have a different smartphone then you may want to ensure you have backed all your contacts up and uploaded your photos to your home PC or laptop.

When you are walking around with your mobile phone you should try to be aware. If it is late at night then don’t make yourself a target by walking around with your phone.

Try and reduce your risk of having your phone stolen by thinking ahead. Why not download the Find My Phone app? That way, if your phone is stolen you might be able to track it down.

Harry Price is a free-lance writer who enjoys testing and contributing to the latest technology research. He is a dog lover and avid football fan.