Wifi vs 3G – Which is the better option?

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As it is anticipated that Internet access from smartphones will spread like wild fire in future, and cell phone specialists are seriously concerned with the problem of data overloading.

The solution is WiFi. The Managing Director of The Cloud said that it is better to use WiFi instead of a 3G network, the traditional method of connection.

Now, the question is – what is the difference between the two? Cell phones have cells that are used to connect for either making a phone call or for surfing the Internet from smartphones. The 3G network works on these cells.

On the other hand, WiFi uses a similar system like that of a wireless laptop which connects to the net in public areas by using hotspots. You will come across millions of such hotspots in the UK, some of which can be used for free.

What more do you want? Internet experts commented that using WiFi in smartphones gives you more reliable as well as faster internet service. In addition to this, smartphones usually are WiFi enabled. Hence, once you switch on to this mode, you will get good service.

The only disadvantage of using WiFi is consumers are required to sign to some hotspot provider and login to have accessibility of the service. However, there are companies like Fastconnect that get you automatically logged in where there are hotspots.

It can be said undoubtedly that customers will soon become frustrated with this system, if cell networks do not provide any answer to this data overload. With an increase in the number of owners of smartphones, the situation is not likely to show any improvement.

The UK alone has registered 15 million people with smartphones. This is a rise of 70% from the previous year.