What’s the difference between a working cell phone and a non working cell phone?

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On the whole, selling or recycling your old cell phone is very simple: you select a recycling company who you wish to sell you old cell phone to, send your old cell to them and then wait for the cash through the letter box: nothing more and nothing less.

You’ll find that your old cell phone’s worth is dependent on the age, make and model; like selling any old item. The better the condition or quality the higher the value.

As this is the case it makes sense to know exactly what a recycler defines as a working cell phone-

A working cell phone should be able to turn on and off, if this is not the case it will be seen as un-working and will be de-valued. All functions of the cell phone should be in working order, as it was first intended. The screen should be in working order with no chips or cracks. Touch screens should be in full function. The battery should be correct to the phone and hold charge for a reasonable amount of time. The phone should also be in good cosmetic condition. Recycling companies appreciate that there will be general day-to-day wear but not an excessive amount.

To get the most money for your cell phone make sure that your phone fits the criteria above. If it doesn’t fit into the above criteria then your cell may be seen as an un-working phone and the value will drop.

If you still are not convince about selling or recycling your old cell then don’t forget the main reason why most people recycle their old cell phones. By ridding yourself of your old phone in a sensible manner you will receive money for the value of your cell.