Verizon and the iPhone 4

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Wow. I was just logging into Twitter and noticed that @Mashable is tweeting that Verizon has already sold out of their pre-sale stock offering of the iPhone 4 – it happened in less than a day.

But no worries, Verizon is re-opening orders 1) online at 3:01 AM EST on Wednesday February 9th and 2) in store at 7:00 AM (local time) on Thursday, February 10th. So if you are one of those waiting for it to happen, mark your calendars now!

As far as pricing, according to Verizon’s website, the iPhone 4 is available starting at $199.99 for 16 GB. Of course, a new two-year activation and data plan is required to get it at that price. For other pricing packages, you can visit the Verizon website or a local Verizon store.

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