Top 8 Tips to Protect Your Phone in Summer

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Top 8 Tips to Protect Your Phone in Summer

It’s Summer and that means time to pack our suitcases ready for our holiday in search for some sun, sea and sand. Summer also marks the start of outdoor adventure and activity such as musical festivals, biking and running. One thing for sure is we we can’t be without our phones and tablets during the summer as we use these devices to capture our memories, as a means of staying connected and as a tool to read or watch a film around the pool. Unfortunately as the weather heats up so do our devices and the summer marks the time for an increase in mishaps and issues with our phones and tablets if we don’t protect them or use them correctly. SellCell always want you to get the best value for your devices and avoid unnecessary damage and costs, so read our Tips to look after your devices in the summer months.

Keep your Phone & Tablet Cool!

As the weather heats up so do our phones & tablets. As the summer beer kicks in we have all been guilty of leaving our devices lying on an outside table in the sun while we enter our air-conditioned villa. As we cool down our devices run the serious risk of overheating and causing some big issues both inside and outside of the device. One of the biggest issues is that if the LCD layer underneath the glass heats up, the liquid crystal can expand causing pressure on the glass in your device, causing it to pop and crack and your LCD to bleed. The only way to rectify this will then be with a screen replacement.

Probably the most common issue when your phone or tablet is left in the sun is the battery inside your device actually swells up and enlarges. Not only will this mean that a new battery will need to be replaced the enlargement of the battery can force the front and back of the phone to crack and lift, which again can mean a repair is required or the device will be classed as broken when it is sold.

A battery that has swollen due to heat exposure

iPhone and iPads have developed a very useful alert when the device overheats, which gives you an indication to leave it to cool down. The advice from the SellCell Team is just keep your devices out of the sun and in the shade.

The warning message shown on iOS devices when they are too hot

There are other very common circumstances where people leave their devices unwittingly causing issues. A common occasion is where a device is left in a car glovebox or on a leather seat and it starts to overheat. Typically a user then gets into the car and ramps up the air-conditioning. If the device is cooled down too quickly a layer of condensation can form behind the screen, potentially leading to some water damage. Our advice is simple, don’t subject your device to excesses in temperature.

Do not take your Device to the Beach!

Every device has openings such as charging ports, jacks and speakers. If you take your device to the beach tiny grains of sand can enter these gaps and cause havoc on the inside of your phone. The team here have seen sand inside charging ports and inevitably a repair is needed and in extreme situations if sand is left too long it can cause a bubbling or blistering effect to the battery, stopping it from working effectively. Our advise is take an old phone to the beach to avoid scuffs, scratches and internal trapping of sand. If however you can’t live without your device whilst on the beach pop it in a good closed case that prevents the ingression of sand.

Do not take your Device to the Beach!

Keep Your Device Away From the Sea

It’s common sense that dropping your phone in the sea is going to be problematic. This common sense doesn’t seem to prevail with repair companies reporting that tens of thousands of holidaymakers return from holiday with a pool or sea drenched device. The pool selfie may seem a good idea at the time but even the smallest amount of water in your phone can be very destructive. Sea water contains salt and this is a highly corrosive element inside your devices and causes the phone to be damaged at a very quick rate. Chlorine in beach pools also contains chemicals which can also be very problematic and speed up the corrosion process. In non technical terms a liquid damaged device can have mean damage on screens, batteries, ports and in the worst case scenarios the motherboard of the phone. When you come to sell your phone this will significantly devalue the device.

The advice is simple don’t take your phones or tablets anywhere near the sea or pool. If you can’t leave it behind then buy a completely waterproof case.

iPhone Submerged in water

Is Your Phone Really 100% Waterproof?

We love all the recent developments and launches of waterproof phones however for the holiday goer it is sensible to check how waterproof these devices really are before you jump into the sea or pool? It’s clear actually that some devices are just splash proof rather than waterproof and would not withstand a swim in the sea. Many phone manufacturers also quote that the device is waterproof for 30 minutes at a 1.5m water depth, although the bottom of most deep swimming pools are a bit deeper. We just ask that you check your manufacturer’s specifications before you are disappointed.

Sony Xperia Being Soaked in Water

Enjoy the Great Outdoors With Caution

It’s summer, time to shape up and enjoy some outdoor activities. At the peak of summer there is an increase in the number of hikers, bikers, runners and campers. Just be careful when running or biking that you strap your phone on to you so that it doesn’t meet the pavement. Also dry your hands before handling your phone as sweaty hands can cause liquid to ingress via the home button and behind the screen causing some corrosion and liquid damage. Secure your phone with a running band and simply dry your hands before responding to the WhatsApp message.

Runner with iPhone in Armband

Take Safety Precautions with Your Device at a Festival

We all love a hearing our favourite band at a festival but there are a number of potential hazards that you should be aware of before your $500 phone is lost or broken. There are a high number of reported thefts and lost phones at festivals and there are simple measures that can be taken to avoid this. The first being make sure that no one can access your phone by ensuring you have a passcode activated. Also make sure that if you have an iPhone that you switch on the Find my Phone Feature, which enables you to track your phone if stolen. Why take the risk of losing your phone? Instead why not take a spare phone or a cheap phone you can buy to use at a festival for a small amount.

Using Your Phone at a Festival

Overuse of your Device Can Lead to Overheating

As we are relaxing by the pool we tend to have a bit more time on our hands so increase the number of films we watch, apps we are using and photos we take. This ordinarily would be fine but the more your device is doing the hotter it is getting. Combine this with a high external temperature the device is hot on the inside and the outside which again can lead the device to crack and the battery to swell. Our advice is to turn off unused apps and to give the device every hour or so time to cool down in the shade.

Direct Sunlight can Damage Your Mobile Phone

Add Protection to your Device

Before you go on holiday is a good time to look at some extra protection for your devices. We would advise that to reduce scratches on your screen and potential smashes from outdoor sports that you invest in a tempered glass screen protector that acts as an extra layer of protection. It is also advisable to get a good quality case for your device. We suggest buying a white case is a good idea as this does not absorb the heat from the sun like a darker case would and thus does not mean your device will overheat as much and potentially keep it cooler.

Using a White Phone Case to Protect Your Phone From Absorbing Hear

Keeping your device in the best condition possible is important when you look to trade it in. Phones and tablets that are not broken with cracked screens and faulty batteries will be worth more on SellCell than devices that have been damaged. Liquid damaged phones can also be worth considerably less on our site so it is important to ensure that you look after your device during these summer months.

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