Top 5 Random Chat Apps For This Summer

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There are tons of choices available with the chat freaks now days. Chatting has already moved on from desktop to mobile in a rather big way. The chat apps has expanded from the basic one on one chat to something where we can have group conversations with audio or video or can even share a file.

In the past, the undisputed champion of the mobile chat was BBM. But for now there are numerous chat apps that have gather attention of the users. Here is a list of Top 5 Random Chat Apps for This Summer.


ZinzzChat mainly focuses on the text chat and is quite easy to use. This app can help you to reduce your SMS charges, if you can convince your friends to install this app. The App costs about $1 for the iPhone and all the other platforms can download it free for a trial period of one year after which they will have to pay $1 each year. The main feature of the app is its cross platform compatibility; it is available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows platforms.

It allows you to share your audio files, video files, contacts and even your current location but the main drawback is lack of video or voice call support and absence from desktop.


It was one of the most powerful features of the BlackBerry platform and first major chat client for mobile devices. The functions of BBM was gradually cloned by other chat apps but the BBM simply walked on the top with the release of BB10 and still remains one of the most robust client.

But recently BlackBerry has admitted that BBM users are on a verge of decline. The number has reached to 55 million from T5 million. And it can be one of the reasons that pushed BlackBerry to open it up for other platforms. Blackberry has already appeared on iPhone and Android version but Windows version will not be seen as BlackBerry and Windows, both are fighting to grab the third spot in the market.


If you want group video or text chat then hangouts is just the app for that. It also works great with the broadcasts; this feature has prompted many websites and organizations to use it as a medium to run shows with user participation. Currently it doesn’t have any built-in location sharing options and there are gaps in integration with other Google services. It has a pretty simple look, just complementing the Google style and is quite easy to use.

iMessage and Face Time

Apple’s own messaging app, it appeared in 2011. It replaces the texts wherever applicable and saves user from message costs. It looks pretty and can be combined with Face Time to make voice or video calls. But the main drawback is its restricted availability. It is available only with iOS or Mac OS X and all your friends should also be Apple people.


The interesting thing about Viber is your ID which is basically your number, so it leaves you from hassle of creating account and adding friends. If you call or text anyone, it will be free if your friend also have Viber or else it will be directed through your network incurring usual call and text charges.

Viber is free and doesn’t contain any ads. Currently its growing fast and lot of improvements are getting their way in.