Top 4 Bluetooth Headsets That Will Make Geeks Go Crazy

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The headsets which come complementary with any device usually sound normal to the ears, nothing extraordinary.More often than not, you may end up purchasing a new one to suit your music and conversation needs effectively.There are so many brands and sub-brands among headsets today that you might be left utterly confused.

It is always better to go for trusted brands in the trade, but sometimes, some of those may also be quite unreliable.Thus, you may consider purchasing that which is best. Four of the supreme ones in the Bluetooth headset category, stereo and mono, are listed below.

Plantronics M55

Plantronics, as you might know, is the pioneer of headsets.Pick any Plantronics headset and you won’t find reason to regret. The latest budget Bluetooth headset entrant in the series is the M55. With an improved noise suppression technology, better than that of M155, this one proves to be the best pick for the price it is offered at. It has a sleek and classy design that goes well with any attire, and coupled with its excellent battery life and superb sound quality, it seems more than worth the $43.40 it retails for.

Aliph Jawbone Era

Technology at its best! You will unfurl a whole new world once you start using this highly sophisticated headset. It has an accelerometer and a dedicated applications processor. These two features turn this device into something more than a headset. You can use it as a game controller, a pedometer, or even a navigation unit. And if you own an iPhone, you can pair it with Jawbone Thoughts which will enhance the voicemail feature. It retails at $129, and is completely worth the price given its fabulous sound quality and top-of-the-class features. The headset might not look quite worth it though, given its average design.

Plantronics BackBeat Go

The BackBeat Go has a simple design that will give you the robotic look. It is a stereo headset that reigns supreme for its noise suppression and excellent sound quality. It is easily the best stereo headset money can buy, and absolutely unmatchable when it comes down to phone calls. However, you may find it difficult to get the right fit, given its highly soft earbud tips. And the relatively thin bass response may be quite a minor drawback while listening to music. The device currently retails for $104.15.

Motorola CommandOne

Motorola’s best comes with paramount comfort, and you won’t feel any ache even if you wear it throughout the day. It goes best with Motorola Droid smartphones since it is a Droid-branded product itself. Though the added feature of battery life indication surprisingly pops up in iPhones. It supports A2DP streaming and has a Companion Android App for text message dictation. The major and only drawback of the CommandOne is the average noise cancellation offered. But it more than makes up for this through the other features and terminal sound quality. Priced at $49.99, you will be pleasantly surprised when it shouts ‘Droid!’ when you switch it on.

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Adam Fisher. He is a tech geek and has a collection of the choicest gadgets at his disposal. Amongst the plethora of gadgets, he likes his bluetooth headset the most. He also likes to blog and is a regular feature on many blogging sites.