Top 3 Google Glass Alternatives

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The android powered Google Glass, a wearable device with Heads Up Display and a camera is slowly closing towards its release which many expects to be on the early 2014. The Google Glass will do a lot of functions like capturing photos, showing directions, letting us to send messages just by speech and more. Because of these James Bond movie’s gadget features, the device is so popular among all the technology people.

Google Glass Alternatives

However, Google is not the only company who is trying to conquer the wearable glasses technology.

A lot of companies have joined them as competitors and trying to create glasses with higher end features, hoping to secure a major market for them. Let’s have a look at the top three devices which are competing with the Google Glass and can give a run for its money.

1) Recon Jet

If you are one of the Alpine HUD goggles users, then you must know about its new extension “Recon Jet” which is expected to be released shortly. The Recon Jet looks like to attract outdoor enthusiasts and it may available in the region of 400 to 600 USD. The display of this Jet has been placed on the bottom right side of this wearable which is quite unexpected. The company says that they have chosen this position for the display because they think that it will be a natural position for the user to look upon.

When you look away from the Jet, it will automatically turn off the display which will not obstruct your line of vision. Also, the guys over there laptop mag, who have tried this Recon Jet said that they were pretty impressed with the device and the way to it just with the help of optical button which is located in the side of display. They have also said that the Jet is running Android 4.2.2 version and it comes with a removable battery which can be easily recharged.

2) Vumix M100

The Vumix M100 is another newcomer in the wearable glasses technology and it has more or less the same features of Google Glass. The glass comes with a 720p mini WQVGA display which sits at the upper right corner of the user’s line of vision. With the help of Android or IOS Smartphone’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this wearable glass can be connected to the internet.

Although many believe that this Vumix glass will give Google a run for its money, a look at its important features says otherwise. Unlike the 16GB storage capacity of Google Glass, the M100 has only 4GB internal storage which is quite low. Also, the device runs of the outdated Android 4.0 version and uses a physical speaker which makes them not so attractive. Additionally, the device design is bit clunkier which we think is more than enough to take them out of competition with the Google Glass. The Vumix M100 is expected to be released this year in the price region of $400 to $500.

3) Meta SpaceGlasses

While the other wearable glasses focuses more on turning the glass into a smartphone, Meta SpaceGlasses uses the augmented reality concept which will take the user to a next level. If you a fan of the movie “Iron Man” then with the help of Meta SpaceGlasses, you will able to become a Tony Stark.

In the demo video of this wearable HUD device, it is shown that the wearers of this glass were able to play a chess game which is visible only to them, and another wearer find out more information about the one who he is going to meet shortly. Until now, these augmented realities were available only on movies, but now with the help of technology everyone will be able to use them. The Meta SpaceGlasses will be available in the mid 2014 for a price of $667.

I believe that these three wearable glasses are going to give a heavy competition for the Google Glass, although the companies behind them don’t have the power of Google.

By Sathishkumar Varatharajan

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