The Wi-Fi-Controlled Smart Windows Auto-Tint

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The charm of big glass windows can’t be overlooked, especially, during winters. However, the bright sun light streaming in on a summer morning can be a bit of a turn off, especially, when you have just stepped out of bed. How about having a Wi-Fi controlled set of windows which can be tinted without you getting out of bed? Sounds interesting, right?


This is the feeling we are talking about, the feeling of being able to enjoy the beautiful world on the outside while being inside. This is the only reason most of us tolerate tacky curtains, shades and pull strings to adjust the sunlight and glare in the room each day. We also use our air conditioners a little more as we allow our rooms to heat up by keeping the blinds up.

Green Technology that can change the world

Wi-Fi-Controlled Smart Windows Auto-Tint is a reality that few early adopters are already enjoying. The concept is simple. The view on the outside should remain the same but the amount of heat that enters the building should not fluctuate, irrespective of how much sunlight is available on the outside. Thus, smart windows with auto tints were invented. The auto tint system controls the sunlight entering the building and adjusts itself from clear to variable tint levels. But the best part is, in all these different conditions, the view on the outside remains the same, so it is window tinting without the tinting, in affect.

Now compare this with what we have used traditionally – window shades and curtains. Keep changing them every season to match the brightness on the outside. This revolutionary invention plans to eliminate these problems being faced on a regular basis. A window with a stunning view obstructed with hideous looking curtains is unfair by all means. But with the Smart Windows Auto-Tint you can enjoy the natural light as well as the great views on the outside without any efforts.

Applications of Wi-Fi-Controlled Smart Windows

Homes, schools, offices, hospitals and hotels can apply this system. Each of these spaces can now not only have an inspiring view of the world but can also save a lot on the electricity bills. Though the installation of this system is expensive, in the long run, the energy bills would be greatly reduced. Most enterprises and homes are trying to be energy efficient and are adopting technologies that consume less energy. Compared to those smaller steps we take, this step is a big leap which lets you incorporate greener technology in your day to day routine.

The usage

Even though this system may seem complex, it is fairly easy to use. You can actually control this system either through a simple wall switch or a smart phone. It is actually as easy as this. You can even integrate it in your home automation system. Imagine a hospital wherein they can control the sunlight in the patient’s room without even entering it.

This system is going to change the way we look outside a window forever. This green technology is here to stay.