The Armless Cell Phone

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A British man who was born with just one arm has gone ‘bionic’ by having a smartphone dock specially built into his prosthetic arm.  Trevor Prideaux from Somerset in the United Kingdom has become the first patient to have the cell phone dock arm procedure, saying that in order to use his smartphone in the past, he would have to either place it on a flat surface or balance it on his prosthetic arm, according to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Now however, medical experts and technicians from cell phone manufacturer Nokia have teamed up to have a special receptacle fitted into his fiberglass prosthetic arm so that he can now call and text from his cell phone with ease.  The skin-colored prosthetic limb now has a phone-shaped cradle that holds his Nokia phone securely, making it possible for him to make and take calls with the use of just one hand.

“The phone slots smoothly and securely within my limb and is easily removable when required,” Prideaux notes.  “I think this would help a lot of people with prosthetic arms – especially those who were not born with the disability… Now when I get a call I either hold my arm up to my ear or put it on speaker phone.  I can also take it out if I need to.  Texting is also much easier and a lot safer.”