Teen Drivers And Driving Apps That Can Enhance Their Safety

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When your teenage son or daughter gets his learner’s driving permit, this is usually a reason to celebrate. To parents, however, such events are exciting yet scary.

They are excited that their children are old enough to drive, which makes them more independent. But there are also issues that worry moms and dads – and one is safety.

Why? Teen drivers are inexperienced.

Because of this, they are more likely to become involved in car accidents. Many young drivers are also reckless on the road, and they can get seriously injured or even killed during a traffic accident. Hence, it’s only prudent for parents to employ measures that will help in enhancing the safety of their kids when they are driving. As a parent, there certainly are so many ways that you can use to keep your children safer, and one way is by using driving apps.

1. Tracking App

Do you know where your teen is? Today, there is certainly no shortage of car apps or devices that can help you keep track of where your kids are. With the help of these modern tools, you no longer have to worry about your teenager getting lost or going to a place where he isn’t allowed to go. Some apps not only allow you to keep tabs on one person but also your entire family. Examples of tracking apps that you can readily download to your smartphones or iPads include the GPS Tracking Pro and the Real Time GPS Tracker.

2. Driving Practice App

Because of the increasing incidence of vehicular accidents involving teenagers, a helpful driving app was invented by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center and the Center for the Study of Young Drivers. This app is called “Time to Drive” and it is very helpful during the early stages of driving. It helps to ensure that a teenager gets to practice correctly so that he’ll be a better driver who can adapt to and deal with all sorts of driving challenges. The app includes a number of impressive features, such as its hard stop meter. This keeps track of the number of times a practicing teen driver brakes too hard, and the data gathered can be used to correct the bad habit. The app has many other helpful features, such as its ability to keep driving logs and display maps.

3. Stop Distracted Driving Apps

Distracted driving is a very real issue that has to be dealt with properly. Because of distractions while driving, so many teens get involved in fatal car crashes or accidents that seriously injure other drivers and pedestrians. There are so many things that can keep a driver’s attention away from the road, such as texting, emailing, calling, or even shaving and putting on makeup. Turning off gadgets and just focusing on the road are among the best solutions to this road problem. However, many teens and even adult drivers have a hard time following these simple instructions. Thankfully, there are now modern apps that can be used to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving. Some of these apps can detect when a vehicle is in motion and then abruptly lock electronic gadgets or prohibit them from receiving calls, emails or texts. One example is the Sprint Drive First app. There are still many other apps available on the internet for free or for a small fee.

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