Survey Says: US Cell Phone Users Not Worried About Cancer Risks

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In a recent poll conducted by TNS, it was discovered that while over 80% of US cell phone users report being aware of the cell phone related cancer risk warnings released by the World Health Organization, most say it will not be affecting their use of their cells.

  • 8% of those questioned said they would probably use their cell phones less.
  • 8% said they were contemplating buying a hands-free device.
  • 17% said that the report has led them to use their hands-free device more often.
  • 70% said their cell phone use and behavior has not changed despite the warnings.

Addressing the results of the survey, Charles White, who is senior vice president at TNS, provided a statement.

“The high degree of awareness about the recent news and relatively low rates of change in behavior really demonstrate the ubiquity of mobile usage and its importance in daily life,” he said in it.

Upon reading the many articles and writings related to cell phones and cancer risks, one becomes aware that there is a lack of clarity surrounding just how high the risks are.  The World Health Organization cites long term use as being a ‘possible’ cancer risk; which makes one wonder if we should be concerned or not.

As prevalent as cell phones are in our society, I would suspect that the risk would have to be much higher and more verifiable than it is for the news to have any major impact on cell phone use.