– new Shopping Price Drop Alert tool Launches Today!

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The team behind & have today launched! is a Price Drop Alert tool that tracks all the stuff you want to buy in one central place and alerts you when the price drops to what you want to pay!

The way it works is this. Everytime you see something cool that you are interested in click the +STUFF button in your browser to add it to Stuffster. Set your target price and then Stuffster will continuously track this for you 24/7 and if the price ever drops to your target price it pings you an alert! Nice! 🙂

It is also good for organising your shopping as all your stuff in stored in one central place and you can organise it in Stuffboards you setup such as Gadgets, Fashion, Home & Garden, etc. For instance, say you are looking for a new TV, everytime you see a model you like you can add it to your ‘New TV’ Stuffboard. This means that your ‘shortlist’ of TVs from lots of different websites are all neatly organised in one place and you know that each is being tracked and will alert you if the price drops! Think of it like a Wishlist that works across every website combined with a Price Drop Alert tool.

Stuffster only officially launched today but we’ve had a team of testers using it for the past few months and everyone that has used it so far has made some amazing savings and loves it! Here are just a few examples of Price Drop Alerts from Stuffster over the last few weeks:

1) Diesel jacket on – original price: £280 – dropped to £210! (saving £70 / 25%)

2) Samsung NX1000 3G Connected Camera on – original price: £399 – dropped to £339! (saving £60 / 15% – for 12 hours only then went back up to £399!)

3) Halo 4 on – original price $59.99 – dropped to $39.99! (saving $20 / 33%)

4) Samsung WB150F WiFi Camera on – original price £149.99 – dropped to £119.99! (saving £30 / 20% – price dropped within 4 hours of adding the item to Stuffster!)

5) Adidas Adizero 5-star Cleats football boots on – original price $100 – dropped to $50 (saving $50 / 50%)

6) Black Embellished sandals on – original price: £70 – dropped to £40 (saving £30 / 43% – price dropped within 12 hours of adding to Stuffster!)

These are some of the hundreds of great savings that Stuffster has already generated for people. It really can be used to track and make savings on any type of product on any website in any country in the world.

We believe it is the ultimate money saving shopping tool so why not check it out today:

Or check out our video featuring Tomi our cool shopping Ninja at:

Happy shopping! 😉