Singer Sri Lanka Leads in Cell Phone Recycling

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Singer Sri Lanka has long had a reputation as being one of the corporate citizens that is most environmentally conscious in the whole of Sri Lanka, and now it has cemented that reputation still further by joining the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) in an attempt to prevent the further growth of electronic waste, including used cell phones, in the nation.  Singer Sri Lanka has already become one of the very first corporate citizens to start collections of e-waste after joining the National Co-Operate E-Waste Management Initiative, and has collected more than 60 tons of electronic trash so far.  The new partnership with the Central Environmental Authority is aimed at creating an infrastructure that will enable the public to get rid of electronic items such as old cell phones, televisions and computers in an environmentally responsible fashion by having them processed by an ethical recycling firm.
“Heavy metals discharged by electronic equipment can pollute water and soil, which can cause serious illnesses,” says the chairman of the Central Environmental Authority, Charitha Herath.  Singer Sri Lanka is the most proactive industry ally in the CEA’s drive to collect e-waste, and is leading the effort, calling on individuals to hand over their old cell phones and other electronic items at any Singer outlets and planning to conduct campaigns intended to raise awareness of the issue among the general public.