Seniors cell phone with emergency button

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Cell phones have become more and more technologically advanced over the course of the passing years, with the great majority of people using their new and old cell phones for far more tasks than just talking to someone including surfing the web, taking photographs, checking email, texting and even playing games.

Many people however are not interested in the latest fancy gadgets with all of their whistles and bells. Senior citizens in particular would rather just have a simple to use cellular device which allows them to make calls and which has large, easily visible buttons.

Mobal Freedom is one company which understands this situation and has just recently put up for sale the Just5 J509 Senior Cell Phone, a device which makes it simpler for older people to have the safety features and convenience of a cell phone but without the costly additional features that they usually do not require. The cell phone for seniors, also known as the Just 5 Easy Phone, comes equipped with large buttons which are simple to see and push, and also has a personal emergency response system which can be programmed with up to as many as five numbers.

The company’s website calls the new phone “the antidote to overly complex cell phones today” and adds that the phone “is designed for optimal ease of use, reliability and emergency response, offering basic features for people who love things to be simple”.