Send Messages To Celebrities on Facebook, For a Fee

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As we all know by now, Facebook have rolled out various changes to the social network over the past couple of years.

We have seen recent News Feed and Graph Search implementations, and not so long ago they changed the complete look of our walls in what was a controversial move that had a fair few people seething, with the Timeline layout.

Send Messages To Celebrities

Over the years, there have also been rumors of Facebook charging users for the privilege of actually having an account, but these rumors were soon quashed.

However, we could now have a paid system in place, but for something entirely different…

According to several sources, Facebook will allow you to send Celebrities messages for a small fee, or a large fee, dependent upon how many people are following them.

At the moment this is rolling out in Britain but will be heading to the US soon after I would think. The fee for reaching out to the likes of British Olympian Tom Daley is £10.68 ($16) per message with no guarantee that you will get any reply. In addition, he won’t see a single penny of that fee.

If you fancy messaging Snoop Lion, you can expect to pay slightly less, £10.08 ($15).

Finally, if you want to message someone that isn’t on your friends list then be prepared to pay about 45 cents.

Would you pay upwards of $15 to message a celeb?