Schools Benefit From Recycling Cell Phones

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When the latest cell phone comes out, many people rush out to buy it.  This leaves thousands of cell phones simply laying around, taking up space.  Recycling cell phones takes care of these problems.  Though it only takes a few minutes, recycling is often overlooked.  What if your old cell phone could help schools get the technology they need to help children succeed? Charity, especially for children, is a great reason to recycle a used cell.

Many recycling programs give you absolutely nothing in return.  Unless you count that wonderful feeling you get from going green.  However, some programs are now helping students receive equipment for technology programs.  In a very technology oriented world, it is vital for students to learn the skills necessary to work with the latest computers, digital cameras, and common software.  Since none of this is exactly cheap, many schools are doing without or using equipment so outdated that students are finding themselves falling behind the learning curve.

This is where your cell phone comes into play.  You’re no longer using it, so why not put it to use to help schools struggling with budget problems.  Recycling cell phones can be used as a fundraiser.  Since some programs offer a reward for recycling, use this money to fund the educational technology portion of your local schools.  It is incredibly easy to do.  You get rid of your old phones and students in your area are able to learn vital skills for the future.