Save Your Wet Old Cell Phone

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When a cell phone gets wet, it can often mean that that is one old cell phone that has made its last call, especially given the fact that the great majority of insurance companies do not cover water damage to old cell phones, meaning that the device may as well be sent to a cell phone recycling company such as SellCell.  Even if you are fortunate enough to be with an insurance company that does cover water damage to cell phones, you will most likely only be compensated with a cell phone that is of an inferior type when compared to the one that it is supposed to replace.

Fortunately, a new device might offer hope for those who get their old cell phones wet.  The Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit from a company called DRY-ALL, now available in stores across the whole of the United States, could save your old cell phone or any other small electronic device from water damage.  It absorbs any and all moisture in the product in record time, and should enable the cell phone to then continue to function in its normal fashion without losing any valuable data such as applications, contact information, music, or photographs.

“Water and electronics do not mix yet they somehow always end up together in a potentially deadly situation for your personal electronics,” says the vice president of marketing of DRY-ALL, Aime Gutierrez.  “This makes our product something everyone will need at some point.”