Samsung Hit Out At Apple Fans In New Commercial

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Once again the Samsung vs Apple saga has been escalated with a new tv commercial that Samsung have created, whereby they make fun of Apple fans that queue up for new phone releases.

I’ve seen the commercial today and to be quite honest it is really well put together, and hats off for the turnaround time. Samsung literally had a week to get this developed before pushing it out to the media.

These are few areas that Samsung slammed in the commercial:

point Apple’s New Dock Connector

point The Larger Screen

point LTE


Samsung went on to basically state that the Apple spec is old news and that it’s already been done by their Android systems. If you remember Samsung recently syndicated a print which showed Galaxy S3 specs vs iPhone 5 specs, tag lining the print with “It doesn’t take a genius” and “the next big thing is already here.”

Watch the commercial below:

What is your take on this move by Samsung, and do you think Apple will reply?