Recycling Your Cell Phone

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From time to time, I like to take a moment and remind everyone why we recycle our cell phones. It’s not just about the cash; it’s also about the environment and about people.

The Environment

When you toss your cell phone into the trash can, there is good chance that it ends up in a junk yard and  land fill. Because cell phones are toxic waste, your phone then goes on to leak poisons into the soil. These poisons then work their way through the eco-system, tainting everything they touch from ground water to the animals that graze on the grass.

Humanitarian Efforts

I’ve cited a lot of statistics over the past years that show how important cell phones have become to the development of third world countries. They are used to educate and help promote better health care. They are used to provide farmers with insights and education about crops. They are even used to provide pregnant and nursing women with access to much-needed goods and information.

Most of the cell phones provided to these countries come from refurbished stock. If you recycle, your old cell gains a new life, potentially even saving one.

Recycle Responsibly

It’s not enough just to recycle; you need to know that you are recycling with a responsible company; one with ethical recycling practices. This is where Sell Cell can help. Not only can we help you get the most cash for your old cell phone, we can also help ensure that your phone goes to someone who sees that it is recycled properly.