Old Cell Phone Problems Persist

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The problems associated with many old cell phones – such as dropped calls, poor reception and even blackout areas – are not going away even with their sophisticated online smartphone replacements, a new survey has found.  A recent zBoost State of the Signal Survey, which was commissioned by cell phone signal booster provider Wi-Ex, shows that no less 65 per cent of those who use online smartphones still regularly experience all the old glitches and problems.  Given that 71 per cent say that they regard their cell phones as being an utterly vital tool, the ongoing reception issues are a problem indeed.
“A strong indoor cell phone signal helps customers maximize their experience on their smartphone, iPhone, DROID, iPad or other connected devices and tablets,” says the vice president of marketing at Wi-Ex, Sharon Cuppett.  “However, with sixty five per cent of smartphone/cell phone owners still experiencing things like dropped calls, poor reception, slow data, and dead zones, there are a lot of unsatisfied users.”  Cuppett goes on to say that cell phone signal boosters can significantly improve cell phone reception indoors, both preventing dropouts and also increasing the length of the life of the battery.  “No longer will users have to go outside, stand by a window, or as we learned in our recent survey crouch down the corner, lift one leg, move around the room or wave around in (the) air, spin in circles and hop on one leg all in an effort to use their smartphone or cell phone.”