No to Old Cell Phone Use in New Brunswick Law

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The law to make it illegal to talk on a new or old cell phone while operating a motor vehicle in New Brunswick in the United States came into effect yesterday.  Drivers in the area now face a fine and demerit points if they are caught talking or texting on a cell phone or using GPS or any other form of handheld device while they are behind the wheel.  Those who are caught by police will be hit with a fine of a 172 US dollars and 50 cents, plus three demerit points on their driving license.
“I know it will be an inconvenience for people early on, or at least some people will think it is,” says Premier David Alward“, but from a public safety perspective, it’s vitally important.”  Alward’s comments seem appropriate considering that 80 per cent of accidents are caused by distracted driving, at least according to the figures provided by AllState Canada.  “I want to encourage everybody to do what they have to do to ensure they don’t drive and talk on cell phones at the same time, because it will cost them,” he notes, adding that he himself is going to be in need of a hands free cell phone operating device for his car.  He is not the only one, with the new law sparking a rapid increase in the purchase of the hands free sets in the county.