Manchester Town Expands Cell Phone Recycling Program

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Manchester Town in Carroll County in the United States continues to increase its efforts to “go green”.  The Manchester Town offices, which introduced a printer cartridge recycling and a cell phone recycling scheme last year, is now expanding its operations to accept all rechargeable batteries for recycling, including but not limited to ones used in old cell phones.  Even the town’s newspaper will now be published electronically rather than on paper, though hard copies will still be available for residents who do not use the internet. 

Manchester Town Council member Todd Benner says the new recycling program for rechargeable batteries will see residents able to drop them off at the town offices on 3208 York Street, at the same time as they drop off their used cell phones and printer cartridges.  The recycling company known as RBRC then takes care of the rest, at no cost to the town.  “It’s great for the town,” Benner says.  “We encourage recycling from an environmental standpoint, obviously.  Those are efforts that will obviously conserve energy but also conserve our budget.”

“We tell the people “recycle as much as you can”,” adds Town Administrator Steve Miller.  “Anything we can do to basically ‘go green’ and to save the tax payers money, they kind of go hand in hand.”

“It’s so easy to put out a box to recycle,” says Carroll Country Government recycling manager Maria Myers, who says only rechargeable batteries need be recycled.  “There’s no reason that people can’t do it.  It’s easy.”