iPhone Customers Trading Up to Samsung Galaxy S4

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In light of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch recently, we collected some data on the amount of iPhone trade-ins that were passed through the site before and after the launch. We don’t usually see big trade-ins unless Apple release a new iPhone, so it certainly shows that the Galaxy S4 is making waves.


Total smartphone trade-ins on SellCell.com increased 161 percent from the same time last year, and the trade-ins weren’t just from owners of older Galaxy series phones. In fact, iPhone trade-ins for this week increased 137 percent.

With the data released, TechNewsDaily.com gave an exclusive to their readers and have featured us in a recent article that shows iPhone customers are trading in their devices in favor of the Galaxy S4.

“Traditionally, we only see the iPhone have such a drastic impact on trade-ins,” Colin White, managing director for phone trade-in site SellCell, said in a statement. “It is very interesting to note that the Samsung launches are starting to carry the same type of weight.”