How Useful Is The HTC Desire S For A Small Business?

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There is no doubt that a smartphone is a very useful gadget if you regularly spend time away from the office, but as a small business owner, you may be wondering whether investing in a HTC Desire S red smartphone is really worth the money. After all, any standard mobile phone is useful for keeping in touch with clients and employees when you are out on the road, so why bother spending extra on a smartphone?

Reasons To Invest In A HTC Desire S Red Smartphone

The HTC Desire S mobile phone has lots of advantages over a traditional mobile phone. Firstly it looks pretty smart, and secondly it can do a whole lot more than make calls and send text messages.

point Email – like all smartphones, the HCT Desire S can be used to send and receive email, which is perfect if you spend a lot of time away from your office and laptop. The phone has an in-built email widget, which you can set up for use with your business email account, but if you prefer, you can also download and use a web based email app such as Yahoo! or Hotmail.
point Personal organizer – all small business owners rely on their diaries to make sure they arrive at business meetings on time. The HTC Desire S comes with a handy calendar and personal organiser, so you can schedule appointments and meetings and then synchronise them with your Outlook calendar when you connect the phone to a PC.
point DropBox – download the DropBox app and have access to your work files wherever you happen to be. DropBox is a highly useful web-based storage facility and it is free to use up to a certain storage capacity (which can be increased if you recommend DropBox to friends. You can also ‘share’ folders with colleagues and clients if you choose.
point Skype – download the Skype app on to your HTC Desire S red mobile phone and chat to friends, family and clients when you travel abroad on businesses. Skype is the number one communications app and it makes keeping in touch affordable and easy. Use Skype for video chat or just a phone call—as long as you are using a free WiFi connection, it won’t cost you a penny.
point Office Documents – there is an app available that allows you to open Microsoft Office documents on your HTC Desire S red mobile. This is very useful if you are sent MS Office documents via email and you need to be able to read them on the go.

Won’t A Smartphone Be An Unnecessary Business Expense?

Investing in a HTC Desire S red mobile for your small business might seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you are trying to save money rather than spend it, but if you purchase a smartphone the monthly cost will become a legitimate business expense and therefore tax deductible. So the cost of having one or more smartphones on your business account will save you money on your tax bill.

Rachel LeMonnier works as a self employed freelance writer. She is liable for tax on her earnings, so when she does her annual tax return, she makes sure she includes her monthly bill for her HTC Desire S red mobile phone as a business expense. After all, every little helps.