How to Use Pop Up Play, On the Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3

The Pop Up Play feature on the Samsung Galaxy S3 brings multitasking to a whole new level. The feature helps you to continue watching or listening to music but also allows you to carry on about your daily tasks like replying to email on your phone.

This way you get to continue watching that important documentary or business advert, but also email back your friend, colleague or family member in the background.

Step 1. First of all let’s test this out by selecting a video that you have stored on your phone that you want to watch.


Step 2. In the video screen, you will be able to see a set of icons in at the bottom, the one to the far right will pop the video out onto the home screen (similar to how YouTube works on your PC). If you want to move where the popped out video appears, then just hold down your finger on it and drag it to a new place on the home screen.


Step 3. Now you can open up your email client and continuing using your phone as you would without the video being present.


Step 4. If you want to return to the video after composing and sending off your email, just double tap the video and it will go back to full screen.