How Do I Find My ESN Number?

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What is an ESN number?

ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number, and each and every cell phone carries this unique identifier, to help carriers identify the past records of each phone, and account associated with it.

Why Am I Asked For This?

Cell phone carriers will use this number to check the history of the phone and your account. They will find out whether the phone has been reported lost or stolen, or whether you have any bills that are unpaid.

How Do I Know If My Phone Is Clean?

If you have any doubts about your phone’s history, Then there are numbers that you can call to check the ESN status. We recommend phoning up your current cell phone carrier, who will be able to perform some checks for you.

How Do I Find My Phones ESN Number?

There are two easy ways to find the ESN number. The easiest we will show you first: If your phone is powered on try checking in the options menu and selecting status (we know this works for Blackberry users). The other way is to open the battery cover on your phone and remove the battery. There should be a white label under where the battery sits, the ESN number will be displayed here next to the serial number.

What Is Bad ESN?

Bad ESN comes about when either your cell phone has been lost, stolen, or has outstanding balances on the accout. This will prevent you from being able to activate the phone, so you will need to contact the carrier to readdress this problem.